Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mikes wounded minnow

This is such a versatile bug. With this one I added a cone head for a jigging action but other options are adding a foam popper head or a pencil popper for a floater or a funky swimmer on a sinking line. This particular one is a wounded version that swims on its side to mimic the the off kilter action of a stunned or dying bait fish, but this pattern can also be tied to swim in a straight forward manner to mimic a bait fish trying to escape an attack. With this way of tying, a petijean cup can be tied on as well for a killer side to side action like the ever popular Rapala. Another tying option with this bug is that the E-Z Body that it is tied with comes in a small, medium, large, 3 1/4inch, and 1inch version so with these size options and various markers you can imitate anything from a small minnow to a large bait fish, Stay tuned for some pictures of these other ties as I get them hammered out.

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