Sunday, November 27, 2011

Funky swimmer (submerged walk the dog)

While fishing with a hardware chucking friend of mine this Summer, I couldn't help but stare at this new lure he was throwing. It actually walked the dog under the water! It was a new design by Larry Dahlberg. If you're not familiar with Larry, Google him and check out his body of work, he fishes lures, flies, bait he is the epitome of what a fishing junky is. Anyway with that being said, this new lure called "The Wide Glide" has this intoxicating back and forth swoon to it. My friend had the Muskies licking their lips that day, they couldn't lay off of it. From the first cast I witnessed to the drive home I couldn't stop thinking about how I was gonna tie a fly to mimic that deadly action. Well weeks of tying, testing, cursing, and constant incoherent mumbling, as well as 2 freezer bags of WTF's and I finally got it right! This in my humble opinion is one of the top 2 flies I have ever come up with. Once the mighty Susquehanna River comes down and has a little more clarity than the raging motor oil it looks like right now, I'm betting dollars to doughnuts the side to side swooning action is gonna be just what those river demons are wanting. I'll keep ya posted!


  1. I like too for Bass fly fishing

  2. Looking at those rubber legs I'm trying to imagine the size of those flies, they must be huge! Nice work, and how big are they?


  3. Hey Michael, Thank you. These particular ones are about 5-6in. long. This is a middle of the road size wise, I'm working on smaller as well as much larger versions. I'm also working on some video of it swimming. This will do more justice for it's erratic swimming style than I can describe.