Saturday, March 19, 2011

blog improvements

Got some new stuff on the page today, hope everyone likes it. Working on buying a new camera so I can get the quality pics I'm looking for. Heading out to hit a still high, still cold river to see if I can't talk a musky into at least a handshake, then BOAT SHOPPING!! My circa 1950's motor shit the bed last summer and I've decided to find something new to me hopefully with a jet motor (river gets a little low in late summer). Wish me luck my fellow water floggers, bug chuckers, and lip rippers!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Musky Bible

My girlfriend (Sweetheart/ musky fishing supporter) just got me a copy of Robert Tomes "Musky on the fly"!! If anyone that was deterred by the $60.00 drop kick to the wallet let me assure you it is worth it. The guy did a fantastic job, it would have been easy to put a hodge podge collection of how to's together and make it work just because nobody has really written any real book I'm aware of on the subject of flyfishing for these hallowed creatures but instead he really went the extra mile putting this book together. Taking into account that money is as tight as a frogs ass right now, this is worth the hit, if she wouldn't have bought it I definately would have.

Monday, March 7, 2011

first post

Just got back last night from the Philly tying show. Had a great time, bought a ton of materials looking forward to coming up with some new Musky bugs. I will definately be getting more pics of some hog huntin patterns on here.