Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sunny days

With all of the rain blowing out the rivers around here focus will have to be aimed at the lakes and ponds so I thought this articulated sunfish with a petijean cup would draw some attention from the bucketmouths.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mikes wounded minnow

This is such a versatile bug. With this one I added a cone head for a jigging action but other options are adding a foam popper head or a pencil popper for a floater or a funky swimmer on a sinking line. This particular one is a wounded version that swims on its side to mimic the the off kilter action of a stunned or dying bait fish, but this pattern can also be tied to swim in a straight forward manner to mimic a bait fish trying to escape an attack. With this way of tying, a petijean cup can be tied on as well for a killer side to side action like the ever popular Rapala. Another tying option with this bug is that the E-Z Body that it is tied with comes in a small, medium, large, 3 1/4inch, and 1inch version so with these size options and various markers you can imitate anything from a small minnow to a large bait fish, Stay tuned for some pictures of these other ties as I get them hammered out.

Musky Country!!

Received my copy of  Musky Country Zero to Hero! Great job done by the Musky Tribe, not only the fishing scenes, including Brad Bohen catching the fly caught record, but also great tying sequences. They also touch on double articulated flies, definately my kind of fly chuckers!

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Receiver (rubber deceiver)

This is my version of the famous deceiver, instead of feathers and hair I've opted for all rubber legs. This will be commercially tied by Rainy's flies (minus the fish skull for now). I love these new fish skulls, what a great addition to tying. Check out the fish skull web site they are also producing a sculpin helmet as well as a new option for tying articulated flies.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Happy to announce, not only has Rainy's Flies (the current producer of several flies of mine) picked up several more of my patterns for production this year, including the salamander shown, but I'm told Bass Pro Shops, Cabela's, The Flyshop, and Feathercraft are also going to carry the salamander. I apologize for not having kept up with the blog lately, I have been not only fishing as much as possible, but also working diligently on creating a web site as well as several t-shirt designs for what I'm hoping will be a prosperous online business. I will do my best to continue posting updates as I get everything put together. Hope all of you out there in blog land have had a great summer! Won't be long till the Fall feed bag gets strapped on!